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Justin Gehtland

Sustaining the Ecosystem

I am a firm believer that any strong technical community today has to include a well-funded and well-run startup incubator in order to be sustainable and effective. Having known Chris Heivly for several years and seen the passion and dedication with which he serves the entrepreneurial community, I have a strong faith that TSF can play that role for Durham and the Triangle, and have a lot of excitement around how he and the TSF team are going to impact and add to this ecosystem. I am looking forward to seeing the kind of talent, creativity, and excitement that can be brought to the area through this effort and hope that I and Relevance can be of service.

Mentor Bio

Justin Gehtland is a technologist, business guy, writer, and connector. He is also the chairman of Relevance, which he founded with Stuart Halloway in 2003. Since 2003, Justin has helped launched 7 technical companies across the country.

Justin’s focus has been, variously, on development, execution, business development, management, and exploring new opportunities for the Relevance team. He is the co-author of 8 technical books, a long-time speaker and pundit, and a true believer in sustainable capitalism.

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