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Spring 2012

The Arcametrics data engine enables marketing professionals to create unified views of customers and consumers across multiple, independent databases without compromising privacy. This information solution utilizes a unique, proprietary process of data correlation and projection to create transformational links between independent data sources without the use of joins or personally identifiable information (PII). Company Update: Arcametrics is one of five recipients of the Fall 2012 NC IDEA grant.


enables businesses to automatically preserve records of their social media activity for legal and compliance needs. It is a self-service solution designed to allow any organization to automate business-grade record keeping of their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles in a matter of minutes. Company Update: ArchiveSocial recently launched its business-grade social media archiving solution for both the financial services industry and the public sector. ArchiveSocial is now working with several firms and agencies around the world. See what Archive Social told they learned while at The Startup Factory.



Berst is a mobile app that makes it really easy to connect around a moment, a time, and a place. Our lives are a series of events and Berst uses your location as the primary means of sharing your thoughts and photos with others.

Download Berst for iPhone and Android.



Entasso is a talent market platform that matches recent college graduates with entry-level positions. Hiring sucks. Think massive job boards, strangers on Craigslist, and automatic rejection by applicant tracking systems. And at the end of the day, you still don’t know if your applicants are well-suited for your positions. Entasso helps you articulate your needs, from culture to skills, and match you with candidates who demonstrate those qualities. You develop and maintain relationships with these well-matched candidates over time, so you never start your candidate search from scratch again.



Ruzuku makes it ridiculously easy for bloggers, authors, coaches, speakers, and other passionate experts to create engaging online courses and learning communities. Ruzuku was built from the ground up with a focus on streamlining the course creation process. Experts want to share their passion and expertise, but technical hurdles and cumbersome tools can make this difficult. Company Update: Watch a video of Ruzuku co-founder, Abe Crystal, on WRAL here.



Science Behind Sweat
, a RxAnalytics product, changes the game with its innovative interface for logging nutrition and training data. Using machine learning algorithms and big data analysis running on crowd-sourced data, RxAnalytics finds the critical behavioral drivers of athletic performance in individuals as well as higher level insights into correlations between population behavior and health/fitness.

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