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Before moving to The Triangle almost 10 years ago, I lived in DC and spent a few years working at Blackboard. I had the pleasure of working alongside people that were smart, driven, talented, passionate, and really had the entrepreneurial spirit. When my wife and I decided to move to the Triangle, I worried that I wouldn?t be able to find the same type of people or environment.
I was right – what I found was better than I imagined.

The Triangle may not have the mystique of DC or the near-mythical lure of Silicon Valley, but it has some of the brightest, most passionate and talented people you?ll find anywhere. And two things The Triangle has more of than anywhere I’ve been are heart and community.

We’re all familiar with the cliché, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The same is true of startups. Startups, by their very nature, are intensely difficult. But, surround yourself with people who genuinely want to help you succeed, and the odds of success increase dramatically.

Are 100% of the people in the Triangle going to support every entrepreneur? Of course not – this isn’t a fairy tale. But I feel confident saying that people here are as supportive, community oriented, and dedicated as any place I’ve been.

With Chris Heivly at the helm, The Startup Factory will exemplify the best of those characteristics and be the epicenter of this already great startup community.
If you want a great pizza, go to New York (or maybe Chicago). If you want to start a tech company in a startup community, come to The Triangle and get as familiar with the The Startup Factory as possible.

Mentor Bio

Doug Kaufman served as the CEO of Spring Metrics, a startup focused on revolutionizing web analytics for e-commerce companies. Spring Metrics developed the first conversion analytics and intelligence solution that automatically analyzes the DNA of each customer transaction to reveal the traffic sources, keywords and campaigns that drive customer acquisition and revenue growth.

In addition, Doug created, an educational resource center for psychology students. was created in the late 1990′s while Doug was obtaining his PhD in Social Psychology. Although originally created for Doug’s students, gained widespread popularity among students and teachers across the globe.

In 2003, Doug founded clearTXT and grew it to one of the leading providers of mobile communication for colleges and universities. clearTXT enabled students and teachers to receive class announcements, grades, assignments, emergency alerts, and other information on their mobile phones as text messages. In 2008, the higher education business was sold to Rave Wireless.

Prior to clearTXT, Doug was the Director of Product Development at Blackboard Inc. While at Blackboard, Doug developed and managed more than 250 discipline-specific online educational resource centers. In addition, he was instrumental in key development initiatives for the flagship e-learning platform.

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