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4Soils seeks to engage the children of the mobile first generation with their faith in a new way.  Their mission is:

· To Bring the Bible to life for kids: Modernizing existing content and delivering it to this generation in an interactive and engaging way

· Delivering Sunday to the everyday: Children can learn in community through the mobile devices they’re already using

Our target audience is any family of faith seeking quality children’s Bible content.  US children spend on average 43 min/day on mobile devices, but much of it is on meaningless activities like launching birds and beating up cats. Between the ages of 4-14 is when 80% of people become Christian.  There is nothing more important than instilling the right Biblical values in children early on.

The religion space has previously been slow at adopting technology.  As a mobile first company, we seek to partner with Biblical and values based content providers to create a fun, engaging, and interactive experience for kids.